Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

Theres a hole in my mind
that I'm trying to fill
it wont let me forget
messages and monuments
from worlds I once knew
and I don't feel too well

I feel the tears about to pour
Thoughts of marigolds in my head
the marigolds in my neighbors yard
I would ruin
after throwing tennis balls
on their lawn

The sounds
of my mothers suitcase
rolling from her room above me
and the smell
of her airline uniform
after a goodbye kiss
leaving me with marks
of bright pink
on my cheek

Friends pictures
that I couldn't fit
in my wallet
and broken pieces of plastic
that have memories
which mean the world to me

that felt like earthquakes

that felt like the universe
was being vacuumed up beneath me

that made me feel invincible
and everything revolving around me

Days when I would never
avoid a soul
days when my house
was filled with warmth
and home
days when the only thing that scared me
was the dark

Oh to be only scared
of such a thing
as the dark

Its funny how it works
when you open a door
it dangles words in front of your eyes
and they wont go away
until you decide
to share them with the world

Thats when they disappear

Only the beautiful minds
can be so lucky
to capture a glimpse
and be able to share
whats on the other side
of the looking glass mirror

But my tears have stopped
and I'm sure they'll start again
once I stop sharing
these odds and ends
I will always try
To share my light
Because thats the only way
I think
To let it grow
And pass on

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