Monday, March 17, 2008

The Mall

I went to the mall with Max today.

I felt more filled with life than most of the people I past
especially the young ones
who were mostly enslaved
to their new pair sneakers
as if these objects
make our lives worth living

I saw an old man
sitting alone
in the food court
he brought a crystal glass
and poured his own wine
while eating
his five dollar meal

I saw a group
of gray elderly Asians
sharing their new
cell phone ring tones
with traditional oriental tunes

We had a husband and wife
or a con artist and con artist
talk a dollar out of our pockets
to feed their stomachs
or their wallets

I found a pair of shoes
a pair of shoes i had made up in my mind
many months ago
a pair i didn't know exhibited
or expected to find
and on a day while looking for shoes
for my brother
I found the pair
I had dreamed of

I'll show a picture soon.


Heres some videos from the past little while

Peace and love