Saturday, October 10, 2009

"You can die for our country, but I'll be damned if I'll let you get married in it."

Wow...its been forever.

This feels good though. This feels really good.

I've been thinking about writing a blog everyday for the past month.

I've felt so guilty for not doing it.

But now I am.

Who knows how long it will be until I do another. It could be months or years (although I hope not).

I'm going to start just by ranting. I'm sorry, I know that its not really my style...but FUCK! They're letting gays in the US military. Now I have NOTHING against gays in the military at all. I believe they should have every single right that everyone else has. But this all seems way too synthetic for my liking. They say their doing it for "gay rights" yada yada yada. The president believes in equal right for all yada yada yada. Fuck, if that were true you'd allow them to get married too!! Fucking bullshit. Let them get married before you send them off to war. Fuck they have a hard enough time getting their books into libraries. Let the kids read And Tango Makes Three in ALL libraries and schools and then maybe I wont question your motives. But they don't believe in gay rights, they just don't have enough people to ship off the the middle east. Can you think of a better way to enlarge your armies? And not only that, people wont even be able to pretend their gay to change their mind about being in the army. Not you'll have to lose a leg or go mentally insane, and even then your chances aren't too good. Nobel peace prize - my ass buddy.

Another thing to vent - there is going to be a McDonald's put in the Louvre.

A MCDONALD'S IN THE LOUVRE. I cant even imagine.

Right under the pyramid....

I'm just speechless about this one.

It was bad enough when they put a fry stand in Disneyland.


I have not eaten Mcdonald's in almost a year. And thank god for that. I'd hate to think that I had contributed to such a crime. ITS A CRIME!

Now, I know the government has cut their funds by a lot in recent years, and I know it will ultimately result in good things for the museum - more restorations, larger exhibits, ect...but its a hard one to take.

Is it worth it?

Do I really want to see some dude eating a Fillet-O-Fish while I'm admiring The Ship of Fools. How ironic would that be?

Well that is that.

How tiring is ranting? My god. I'm pooped.

I was just in the car listening to the radio. They had a guy named Art Bell doing a talk show. Loved it. It was a free-for-all. They weren't screening calls and talking about everything from a wheel of fortune wheel on top of the space needle, to suicide and ufo's. But then out of nowhere a guy comes on who had just had his wife give birth to his son. He called in basking about it. Telling the world it was the most beautiful thing he had ever experienced, and it was as if he was watching it at that moment with his very eyes. His voice was glowing. He then got Art on to how beautiful he thought his son's birth was. It was a very genuine radio moment. It's not often you get to hear many that are THAT sincere.
Then the gentleman asked art if he had any advice for a new father. Now art was just stumped. He isn't one of those radio psychologists. He probably hadn't gotten a real question like that in years. He paused for a good 10 seconds. He really didn't know what to say. It was really something to listen to. You could tell he wanted to give the best advice that he possibly could.

Then finally he thought of it.

"Follow your heart" he told man.

I honestly don't think he could have said anything better.

I always love that advice. I don't think we hear it often enough.

I was sad to find out after that this was a recorded show back from 1995. Still, I got home, and sat in my car to listen to him in my drive way for another half hour.

I think thats it for me tonight.
I'm done.
I'll leave you there.
If I write anymore I'll feel too satisfied and never come back on here again.

Peace and love and follow your heart.