Sunday, February 25, 2007

lets jump

When was the last time you jumped in the air just for the sake of jumping?

Not to be silly

Not for fitness or sport

Or to get something done

But just because you can.

I sat beside and old man on a park bench

I read a book

He fed birds and squirles

There was a small boy jumping up and down in front of us

Just for the sake of jumping

The man turns to me and says "i would give anything to be able to do that again"

So from now on every morning I'm going to jump in the air as high as i can

Because today I can.

There is a jumping boy inside every man, no matter how old he gets.

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Ever wonder if life is just one big thing that everyone else is in on but you?

And everything is just here for your experience only...

As if everyone is here to guide you to something bigger...

And the day you figure it out everyone just turns around to you and says:


I've seen the light, and what a beautiful light it is.


Monday, February 19, 2007

little fluffy clouds

what a great day i had yesterday

its as my first day off in AGES where it wasn't raining

and the clouds were just beautiful

so i had a nice relaxing day of cloud watching

its been a really long week at work

so i drove around everywhere

and just watched the clouds pass by

and at the same time i made a video of it!


Thursday, February 15, 2007

talking to myself at work

There were people doing construction on the side of the freeway today.
Not ON the freeway but beside it.
But still the traffic came to a halt!
This doesn't make sense to me.
I was 20 minutes late for work.
What are these people doing?
We get past the construction and we speed up again!
I guess people like to stop and watch construction workers on the side of the freeway.

I got a box of Valentines Day chocolate from my mom yesterday.
God i love that woman.
She had it sitting by my door when I got home from work.
I think I'll buy my mom and sister some flowers today.
Just for the hell of it.
I'm not a fan of valentines day giving.
I just like to give.
I wish I could give more.

My landlord came into the gallery this morning.
I'm a bit behind.
Well more than a bit.
I hate money.
I think its the plague of the earth.
I dislike anyone who loves the stuff.
This could be a utopia.

I have a photoshoot later this afternoon.
My first one in a long time.
I've actually given up modeling, if you don't already know.
Hate the entire industry.
Its so fake.
Its disgusting actually.
But this shoot is more for artistic purposes.
And the designer is a good friend.
Hes not looking to be king of the world, or to be rich.
Just wants to bring a little beauty.
And I dig that.

I started my Kaballah classes on Tuesday.
6 weeks of classes.
It's pretty interesting.
It's not really a religion, but sort of the basis of all religions.
But the rabbi brings up more questions than answers.
I have a lot of thinking to do.

I think I have been pronouncing my last name wrong.
What a thing to do.

Go see the movie Baraka.
Its incredible.
Maybe you'll think about the world differently.
And while you're are it go see:
Who Killed The Electric Car?
Why We Fight
and The Corporation.

Anyways thats whats up.

Time for my coffee.



Saturday, February 3, 2007

Tiny Thoughts

a stroll through the ravine
with my dog
without a leash
without any people
without our worries
with her ball
with my camera
with our tiny thoughts

she runs free
i walk slow
she has two thoughts in her head
i have two hundred
she beats me to the bottom of the hill

she barks for the ball
i throw it
shes blind
and cant see where it goes

she'll listen for a bounce
but she'll go the opposite way
she sniffs and smells
she only knows it by scent
its sometimes covered by leafs

it takes her half an hour to find the ball

i'm always patient
busy with my tiny thoughts
thinking about the beauty in the nature around me

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i think to look high at the trees
as the sunset torches the fall leafs
with its sharp colors it looks ablaze in the light

i think about the life of a tree
the patience as its sits for hundreds of years
taking in the sun
dancing in the wind
how it has marinated into the life of the earth
its roots grabbing hold to the dirt with all its might
soaking in the juices of the soil from the rain

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i think about the decades of wood beneath its bark
the seasons it has survived
the lives that has lived amongst its branches
the colors in the layers of its skin
it baths in life to its fullest riches

i want to be a tree next time

i look at my feet
holy shit
candy to my eyes
all day, all colors i have seen
have been red, brown, blue, yellow and green

(it should be spelled colure
because color lures you
i bet it used to be
then people forgot)

but this spectacular treat
at my feet
a small purple flower
that has survived so close to winter
at this time of year it would be considered a diamond in the rough
it entertains me like a television

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maggie finally strolls to my side
panting and moaning
tired to hell
could fall over on the spot
shes getting old
her slimy ball drooping from her mouth

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she drops it and barks
i tell her one more time
its gonna get dark
moist and disgusting
with as few fingers as i could
it is tossed
into the leafs
she has a better lead this time
she'll die for that ball

i say goodbye to my place
my enchanted land
my childhood hundred acre wood

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so many gentle moments in this spot
with so many loved ones
i'll be back again tomorrow

i beat her back up the hill

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For Maggie

Love Jordan

Thursday, February 1, 2007

oh you fucking bastards

As i happily enjoy my evening tv flick
tired and hungry after a long shitty day
i'm disturbed right at the climax the story
like a salesman barging right into my home
talking about this heavenly goodness tasteful delight
and all i have to do
is drive 2Km
to the nearest McD's
and pick up two chicken burgers
for 5% of the work i slaved over earlier today

i figure good deal
theres nothing in the fridge
haven't eaten all day
and could really go for a bite
they look pretty tasty in the picture

i do the procedure
and claim my order
not as quickly as i hoped
pollute the earth with my car
spend 20 minutes in that ugly drive through

a paper bag
a receipt
4 napkins
a large paper bag
two wrappers
a staple
and a packet for my extra mayo
all to waste on the earth
hear on after this moment

and for me
two lives
two buns
and whatever crap they put in them
I must bare the smell
the whole drive home

i'm drooling

I race with time to my television
to catch what i can
of the interesting show i was watching earlier

i'll never know what happened
fuck these burgers had better be good

i unwrap my first
cant wait to bite in
what the shit?
Idiots forgot the top of the bun

I'm pissed
i unwrap the other
the same
jesus christ!
What was distracting this person?
Bad break up?
No sex with wife?
Behind on bills?
Death in the family?
Failing in life?
Cute co-worker?

Whatever it is
I'm not so pleased
as how my evening after work turned out to be

I take a photo
put the two together
enjoy what i can
and figure it might make a nice story later.

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