Thursday, February 15, 2007

talking to myself at work

There were people doing construction on the side of the freeway today.
Not ON the freeway but beside it.
But still the traffic came to a halt!
This doesn't make sense to me.
I was 20 minutes late for work.
What are these people doing?
We get past the construction and we speed up again!
I guess people like to stop and watch construction workers on the side of the freeway.

I got a box of Valentines Day chocolate from my mom yesterday.
God i love that woman.
She had it sitting by my door when I got home from work.
I think I'll buy my mom and sister some flowers today.
Just for the hell of it.
I'm not a fan of valentines day giving.
I just like to give.
I wish I could give more.

My landlord came into the gallery this morning.
I'm a bit behind.
Well more than a bit.
I hate money.
I think its the plague of the earth.
I dislike anyone who loves the stuff.
This could be a utopia.

I have a photoshoot later this afternoon.
My first one in a long time.
I've actually given up modeling, if you don't already know.
Hate the entire industry.
Its so fake.
Its disgusting actually.
But this shoot is more for artistic purposes.
And the designer is a good friend.
Hes not looking to be king of the world, or to be rich.
Just wants to bring a little beauty.
And I dig that.

I started my Kaballah classes on Tuesday.
6 weeks of classes.
It's pretty interesting.
It's not really a religion, but sort of the basis of all religions.
But the rabbi brings up more questions than answers.
I have a lot of thinking to do.

I think I have been pronouncing my last name wrong.
What a thing to do.

Go see the movie Baraka.
Its incredible.
Maybe you'll think about the world differently.
And while you're are it go see:
Who Killed The Electric Car?
Why We Fight
and The Corporation.

Anyways thats whats up.

Time for my coffee.



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