Saturday, February 3, 2007

Tiny Thoughts

a stroll through the ravine
with my dog
without a leash
without any people
without our worries
with her ball
with my camera
with our tiny thoughts

she runs free
i walk slow
she has two thoughts in her head
i have two hundred
she beats me to the bottom of the hill

she barks for the ball
i throw it
shes blind
and cant see where it goes

she'll listen for a bounce
but she'll go the opposite way
she sniffs and smells
she only knows it by scent
its sometimes covered by leafs

it takes her half an hour to find the ball

i'm always patient
busy with my tiny thoughts
thinking about the beauty in the nature around me

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i think to look high at the trees
as the sunset torches the fall leafs
with its sharp colors it looks ablaze in the light

i think about the life of a tree
the patience as its sits for hundreds of years
taking in the sun
dancing in the wind
how it has marinated into the life of the earth
its roots grabbing hold to the dirt with all its might
soaking in the juices of the soil from the rain

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i think about the decades of wood beneath its bark
the seasons it has survived
the lives that has lived amongst its branches
the colors in the layers of its skin
it baths in life to its fullest riches

i want to be a tree next time

i look at my feet
holy shit
candy to my eyes
all day, all colors i have seen
have been red, brown, blue, yellow and green

(it should be spelled colure
because color lures you
i bet it used to be
then people forgot)

but this spectacular treat
at my feet
a small purple flower
that has survived so close to winter
at this time of year it would be considered a diamond in the rough
it entertains me like a television

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maggie finally strolls to my side
panting and moaning
tired to hell
could fall over on the spot
shes getting old
her slimy ball drooping from her mouth

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she drops it and barks
i tell her one more time
its gonna get dark
moist and disgusting
with as few fingers as i could
it is tossed
into the leafs
she has a better lead this time
she'll die for that ball

i say goodbye to my place
my enchanted land
my childhood hundred acre wood

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so many gentle moments in this spot
with so many loved ones
i'll be back again tomorrow

i beat her back up the hill

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For Maggie

Love Jordan

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