Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lips Are Chapped Today

My lips are chapped today.
Thats all i really have to say about that.

I went to a friend's brother's CD release party.
It was great.
Some wicked tunes.
Tripy videos.
One had some old Felix the Cat cartoons.
And some old stop motion.
They were very deep.

My old housekeeper was there too.
Hadn't seen her in a while.
I didn't get a chance to say hello though.
I wish I had.
I remember she was a poet.

It was in a little Spanish community-like center.
Very underground looking.
You'd have to know about it to know about it kind of place.
Mexican flags all over the place. Red white and red everywhere.
Traditional outfits on the walls.
Homemade wooden tables, with made in Canada spray painted on the top.
I thought it was funny.

I thought about the flag on the walls.
I thought why did they decide on those colors.
To represent the entire country, they chose those colors.
I want to know the meaning of each color, and the reason for each one.
Is there a reason for the order of them?
It could be nothing special.
No real thought put into them at all.
But maybe there is a subliminal message behind them.
A feeling or an idea behind each color.
I think so.

I love how the president of Russia called President Bush "Mr. Bush" And "George" when making speeches about talking to him. You never hear that. Its always Mr. President or President Bush. But really...he's only George.

Have you ever been Rick Roll'd? I just found out about this trend today. I had it happen to me TWICE this week on youtube. Such a silly thing. I love internet trends though. They're just so random. I remember when I was totally into the ALL YOUR BASE IS BELONG TO US one. It was fun I must say.

Wow, I was just thinking about Planet of the Apes.
Just this second.
And right after I did that, a news blip came up on my TV saying "Charlton Heston Dies"
I was thinking about the movie because of the scene with the Statue of Liberty on the beach.
How the states blew themselves up.
I really hope that never happens.
But sometimes I really see things going that way.
I need to stop watching the news.

Nothing is really news.

All perception.
All perception.

I can't wait to listen to my new Mario Ayala CD.
I got him to sign it.
I always like to do that when I have the chance.
7 years in the making.
His wife made brownies for the event.
So wonderful. The whole thing.

I see the cherry trees starting to bud.
Spring is almost officially here.
Bring on the sun!
Bring on being naked without being cold.
Bring on comfortable walks at night.

Peace and Love


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Random Writing In April

How could Motley Crue write a song entitled "Too Young To Fall In Love"?
Why would anyone want to spread such a message?
Well I guess its no surprise seeing where the message is coming from...
...but still
Many people listened.

I'm cleaning out all the music on my computer.
12000 Songs
Going through them one by one.
I've made it to the M's
I got rid of a lot of crap.
Kept a lot of crap that brings back memories.

I ate two kinder surprises to today.
The toys aren't like they used to be.
3 snap-in pieces and no stickers.
I remember when I used to have to look at the instructions.
Sometimes you'd get cool little metal figures.

I had a dream last night
That i was hanging out with Elton John
And he brought me to Buckingham Palace
To have tea with the Dalai Lama
I told him about how I view life
And all the beauty I see
And as I spoke with great passion in my voice
He became younger
And smiled
Ever feel like you were going to cry in a dream?

When I woke up
It was 4:59
My alarm was due at 5
But I needed time to ponder
At least a half an hour
I felt sick
Knowing this unholy sound would fill my ears
After such a blissful trip
I rubbed my eyes
And it was 4:30
And being in the mind state I was in
I was certain
I had turned back time.

I wonder
what kind of paths
I create
or change
with my dreams

or just by sharing them...

Peace and Love


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

No Gas In Sight

I had quite the morning today.

Had to take Kyla to the ferry before work today.
Left the house at 4:30 am.
We didn't have time to eat, so I squeezed some lemon on a papaya to eat along the way.
My car was frozen.
It's Spring for fuck sakes.
So i stick the glass bowl with my papaya on top of my car while I scrape the windows.
The bowl slides off the roof and smashes.
Glass everywhere - lovely.
Kyla gave me some scoops of hers while I drove.
So we make our way to the ferry.
I'm running late.
And running low on gas.
I figure there will be a gas station along the way.
I take a new way to the ferry.
Much faster than usual.
No gas stations.
Not one.
So we pull into the lovely little city of Tsawwassen.
Theres four gas stations.
Not ONE of them open.
Nor could I pay at any pump.
Although they gladly took our debit card information.
Theres no other gas stations for MILES.
Do people not need gas at 5:30am?
There were plenty of cars!
I was tempted to cross the boarder up the street to see if there were any pumps open in the land of oil addicts.
Instead we sat in car and waited till a station opened.
Kyla bought me a chocolate chip muffin and I took her to her ferry.
Already I'm 30 minutes late for work.
The sunrise was amazing at this time though.
Especially driving inland from the Ferry Terminal.
There was a large sliver of the moon showing.
And I saw a new color of blue in the sky.
I happily hate my chocolate chip muffin.
Giant chunks of chocolate.
I get to work, and hop out of my car.
Only to notice a giant spot of melted chocolate of my seat.
I walk into work - dead tired - 1 hour late - with I giant brown chocolate stain on my ass.
I quickly ran to the washroom after punching in and washed it off.
To top it off, I wore extremely itchy socks.

A big thanks to Kyla and the sun for helping keep my sanity.

Peace and love