Thursday, April 3, 2008

Random Writing In April

How could Motley Crue write a song entitled "Too Young To Fall In Love"?
Why would anyone want to spread such a message?
Well I guess its no surprise seeing where the message is coming from...
...but still
Many people listened.

I'm cleaning out all the music on my computer.
12000 Songs
Going through them one by one.
I've made it to the M's
I got rid of a lot of crap.
Kept a lot of crap that brings back memories.

I ate two kinder surprises to today.
The toys aren't like they used to be.
3 snap-in pieces and no stickers.
I remember when I used to have to look at the instructions.
Sometimes you'd get cool little metal figures.

I had a dream last night
That i was hanging out with Elton John
And he brought me to Buckingham Palace
To have tea with the Dalai Lama
I told him about how I view life
And all the beauty I see
And as I spoke with great passion in my voice
He became younger
And smiled
Ever feel like you were going to cry in a dream?

When I woke up
It was 4:59
My alarm was due at 5
But I needed time to ponder
At least a half an hour
I felt sick
Knowing this unholy sound would fill my ears
After such a blissful trip
I rubbed my eyes
And it was 4:30
And being in the mind state I was in
I was certain
I had turned back time.

I wonder
what kind of paths
I create
or change
with my dreams

or just by sharing them...

Peace and Love


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