Thursday, January 10, 2008

Smelly Island

Never go to unknown all you can eat Chinese buffets with mainly fat white senior customers that only has two or three percent of the signs up for their dished. One sign being "Pickled Pigs Feet"

If you ever find yourself in this situation - stick with the fruit.

Speaking of fruit, a man I work with eats his oranges entirely! Peel and all! I've never seen such a thing in my life. Fire she bites off all of the peel, chews it and swallows it. Then he eats the rest of the orange like you would an apple. I sat and stared as he ate the entire thing.

Always check to see if the tip of your q-tip is loose, because it really sucks to have that slip off and get stuck inside your ear.

This I learned 15 minutes ago.

It turns out that there is some voting fraud going on in New Hampshire. Of course Ron Paul is in the center of it. And I really hope somebody does something about it, and it had better get some sort of coverage on the news. Its big news. If they can spend days talking about Hilary Clinton shedding a couple tears, they sure as hell can talk about this. Apparently 30 something votes were cast for him in the town of Sutton, but they counted them as 0. Fucking disgusting. There is something going terribly wrong in that country of theirs. Thank god I'm not part of it...yet. Lets hope the corruption doesn't spread up north, although I wont be surprised when I see that day.

I think I might need a back up country.

But where could I go?

Maybe someplace tropical.

Maybe I should start thinking about learning a new language...

But I'm so terrible with languages!

I think I'll go live on a boat out in international water, and wait for an under water volcano to erupt and create a new Island which I will claim and name "Smelly Island" to keep people away. Just like they did with Iceland.

Alright, time go to dream of tropical islands.

Peace and love


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