Sunday, January 20, 2008


So I sign on to msn, and a few minutes after I sign on i get the little bubble pop up in the bottom right of my screen saying I have just received a new e-mail from...!!!

Now the first thing I'm thinking to myself is why in the piss would I be getting an email from, and secondly, how on earth did they get my address? So I clicked directly on the pop up bubble and it takes me straight to this page:


Very strange. I'd really like to know what is going on.

My new word for the day is Gouranga - a term popularized by the Hare Krishna movement. It means "be happy". Gotta love a word that sounds awesome and has a sweet meaning.

Like balloon.

Still my favorite.

Today I finally did something creative that wasn't my own project! My dad sent me this link of a student on craigslist looking for an actor to help with her student film. I figured what he hell, my day is free, this is my kind of thing, lets do it! It felt really good actually. I haven't been directed in something artistic in a long long time. It really takes the pressure off of having to be the one in full control with full vision, and just letting someone guide you - while at the same time adding your own flair to it. To top it all of I made a new friend. Maybe I'll post the finished film on here if she allows me.

I think I need to do things like this more often.

Anyways, thats it from me today.

Peace and Love


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