Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Priorities in check

So I'm driving along my way to work.
Running late.
And as I'm just as I'm about to turn at this 4-way-stop,
I see a huge line of cars straight ahead,
With people pulled over at the top of the graveyard
That over looks the lower mainland.
They've all gotten out of their cars,
And were standing along the fence,
Looking out at the view.
I knew I'd be extra late for work if I went to see,
But these are the things I live for.

So I go straight through the sign,
And look out my right window.
The view...was amazing.
The mountains were glowing pink from the setting sun,
And there was a giant full moon just over top of them.

We haven't had much sun here lately,
So this is an extra rare occurrence.

Everyone was hypnotized.
As if god was finally making an appearance.

I as in a trance.

Fuck work.

I would've skipped my entire day for one second of that view.

I got out of my car,
And went up against the fence with the others.

I love how everyone felt the exact same way.

You could see it in everyones face.

And so instead of getting back into my car, and heading back on my way to work...

I go straight back home to get my camera to take a few shots of this refreshing moment.

In no rush at all.

These are the times when I wish I had a better camera.

The pictures don't do it any justice at all.

When I finally got to work,
Almost a half hour late,
I was hoping to GOD that they would ask me my excuse.

I was ready to tell them EXACTLY why I was late.

"I was too busy looking at the beautiful earth!"

But alas they didn't.

But I'm so glad to have my priorities in check.


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