Monday, November 5, 2007

A New Start

This feels good. A brand new blog.

Yes, this place seems pretty comfortable. I have a little spot for everything - Poetry, Pictures, Videos, Stories, and whatever nick-nacks I pick up along my path.

Theres nothing like a blank page. So many possibilities.

I remember hearing somewhere, that there are two ways to look at a blank sheet. You can look at it as just that - a blank space, or as the greatest opportunity in the world because nobody's put anything on it. To go ahead and use it to dream, create new things and let your imagination go. Everything has to start I will start everything right here.

I hope to bring back some of the posts from my old blog, maybe on those days when I'm lacking in inspiration. It'll be like one of those sitcom episodes where they show clips from past episodes when the writers get lazy...I really hate those ones.

And how fitting a day to start my blog, the 5th of November - Guy Fawkes Day. Yes, maybe I watch too many movies, but V For Vendetta is a movie that touched me like no other. Maybe it was the timing, maybe it was charming voice of Hugo Weaving, or my schoolboy crush on Natalie Portman. I think what really got to me, was seeing the way the world was moving, and comparing it to the film. My realization of having forgotten the true meaning of freedom, and acknowledging the power of money and government has over the people today. This year I even commemorated Guy Fawkes with a Halloween pumpkin.

There is something else that is special about this November 5th however. For the past while I've been following the 2008 presidential campaign of congressman Ron Paul. I've taken great interest in this man for many reasons.

1) The of shrinking the US federal government

2)Abolishing the USA Patriot Act

3)Getting rid of the IRS

4)Most importantly - pulling out of Iraq and making a big change in America's vile foreign policy.

Although I don't agree his views on anti-abortion, and although he doesn't really have much of a plan for the environment, I still feel it would be in the best interest of Americans, Canadians...hell everyone, to have Ron Paul elected for president. I'm also a big fan of Dennis Kucinich on the Democratic side, but a win for him would be impossible at this point in time. I feel Ron Paul has a chance.

The past few weeks there has been many videos on Youtube promoting donations to be made to his campaign today. It is 8:25pm and he has already taken in $3.8 Million dollars. I went in there to made a donation earlier, but unfortunately you have to be a US citizen to do so. Probably a good thing...I'm a bit short on funds at the moment. But this really is an amazing demonstration of just how powerful his message has been. I can't wait to see what happens in the months to come. I never thought I would become interested in politics, nevermind American politics. But the way things are going these days, and the impact it has on Canada, I think it's important to pay attention and make as much of an impact as I can for my beliefs.

Peace and Love


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