Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dreams from the Past

We all have had dreams that we never forget. Even if its a glimpse or just a flash of it. There are some that haunt us our entire lives, and some that we try to figure out the meaning of years after having dreamt. I have had many that stuck with me over time; many nightmares, a few awkward moments, some magical adventures, and lots of women.
Now usually when you dream of the opposite sex, you hardly ever remember what that person looked exactly, even right after waking up. And most times you don't even remember the dream at all. But when I was very young, I had a dream that never left my mind. It started out with me in a swimming pool outside a mansion somewhere in California. There were palm trees, the water was bright blue and warm, and all the colours were extremely vibrant. Then a beautiful woman in a classic 1950's bathing suit swam up to me. A brunette with her hair in a head cap, bright red lipstick, huge eyes, and a perfect smile. She was like a goddess. I remember not wanting to take up, because it felt like heaven. This woman I had created in my mind has been the epitome of allure, elegance, and beauty ever since. We went on to swim together, until another man came along. He was after her. I remember feeling the jealously completely flood my body, and I started to fight him for her right in the water. We dragged each other to the bottom of the pool, where it turned into the bottom of the ocean. We struggled for a while until I finally able to defeat him, and I was able to give a hug to the girl before I woke up. I remember waking up and lying in bed for the longest time. I knew I would never forget it.

I'm writing about this dream because a few months ago I was doing some casual channel surfing on a lazy evening, and I came across this one channel with these same vibrant colors I had in my dream all those years ago. So I continued to watch...


Everything. The pool that turned into the ocean. The colors. The warmth. The guy. The GIRL. It blew my mind! I didn't know if I was just dreaming again, or if I was caught in some weird twilight zone. I felt dizzy, sick and very zen all at once. It was as if I was in a state of deja vu that I couldn't escape.

The movie was On An Island With You starring Esther Williams. Now I don't know if I fell asleep while watching this movie with my grandparents, or if it was a vision from a past life. I have no idea. But it is one of the strangest things that I have ever encountered. I couldn't just sit and let this crazy phenomenon just pass me by. I had to do something. So the only thing I could think to do was write a letter to Mrs. Williams explaining everything. The next day I looked up her address and did just that, trying to sound as normal as I possibly could. But I had to keep it genuine at the same time. Now if you're not familiar with Esther Williams - here are some clips:

She was also an icon for for many military soldiers in the 1950's. View clip here

Now I've never written to a celebrity before. I find it to be a very strange thing to do actually. Makes me think of stalkers. But I couldn't NOT do it. I held my letter for a few days before I finally worked up the courage to send it. I knew it sounded completely crazy, but I figured that she probably wouldn't end up reading it anyways - so I figured: what the hell? I told her that I had never heard of her before I saw her on TV the day before. I also wrote that I didn't expect her to respond, and that I simply just wanted her to know about my experience. But today - to my amazement - I got a response. In a large yellow bubble envelope Esther Williams sent me a signed vintage photograph from the very same movie I dreamt of her in. She must have gone through some trouble to get it too, cause it is a VERY old photo. Usually I think they send out new reproduced copies, but this even has the official studio stamp on the back. It was really unexpected, and totally made my day.

I feel as if I wrote a letter that was sent to past, and she was able to reply to the future.

I will cherish this photo forever.

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Thanks Esther!

Peace and love


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