Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hello My Angel

Hello my angel.

I had a long talk with god tonight.

He told me you were one of my angels. He said that everyone who crosses your path in life is an angel.
But he said that you were one of mine to call my own.

He said angels are different than guides.

We take care of each other, whether we know it or not.

He said that our time travels at the exact same time.

And we see colors the same way.

He said that when we die, our deaths wont be far apart, maybe even a day or two, because it would be a shame to not know a world without one of your angels in it...especially one you hold so close to your heart. He wants us not to fear it. He wants us to love our life. And embrace the good and bad as it comes, because we'll go through it together.
For each other.
And with each other.

He said we wont always understand each other, but we'll always know we're on the same path together.

He said that there aren't many people who think like us. And that we're a very rare breed. He says its a gift from him for us to know that.

He says that when people as rare as us find each other, its a miracle. It doesn't happen everyday.

He said I will find 12 more angels.
or was it 8?
could've been 33

He told me I would forget the number if he told me.
Because its not something I'm supposed to remember.

Could only be 2...
But 49 also comes to mind for some reason.

I'm not supposed to know because they're just supposed to happen.
And the more I look for them, the longer and harder it will be for them to find me.

He said you're my angel, because no matter how crazy I think I am, you'll always know I'm just me, and you'll love me for that.

And instead of searching for a rainbow on every rainy day, that we will just live at the end of it, and not even know the rainbow existed in the first place.

He said he doesn't let many things live at the end of the rainbow. But because our hearts are so pure, and our minds are so wide, that we get the special treatment.

He hooks me up with the front row tickets to any view I want.

But I have to REALLY want it.

Do you know what its like to really want something?

I do

I do

There is always true need in life.
And true want.
He said that if we stick together, that we'll always have both.

He said that when we were trees a few lives ago, that we grew next to each other. Thats when we first met, and became aware of each other. And ever since then, we've been wanting to meet in every life, and in every form.

What do you what to be next time?
A humming bird?
Characters in a children's book?
A Sploob from the planet Spork?
or how bout those clouds that looks like lovers on a bicycle.
Yes I think I'd like to come back as that.
We'd only exist as long as that imaginative thought stayed alive.
It would be short, but i think it would be a really good trip.

You can choose the next one, I promise.

Goodnight my angel.

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