Sunday, April 1, 2007

balloons and lottery tickets

I was going through one of the drawers on my bedroom today.
I found a stack of about 31 lottery tickets.
Hadn't checked a single one.
I just sort of buy them and then throw them in there.
Cause I know I'm not going to win millions,
I just like to buy the dreams that come along with the ticket.
But today I decided to take them in, and check my numbers before the damn things expire.
I ended up with $35 and three free tickets.
Considering I payed an average $7 per ticket, I'd say it wasn't the greatest investment.
But the dreams were definately fun.
So theres a lesson for you kids today...
Don't count on the lottery!
I don't, hell i was surprised i even won $35!
....hmmm what do spend it on....

Last week, along the way to work, I saw this store having this big sale just down from my gallery.
They had these big bundles of pink balloons hanging from their sale signs.
And i thought to myself...I'd really like to have some of those balloons, but then just kept driving and eventually forgot about it.
Then later that day I was upstairs in the photo gallery, enjoying a coffee right before I left for home. And i looked down the street at these balloons.
For some reason, i just really wanted them. I haven't had balloons in such a long time.
So as I'm watching these balloons dangling from this store front, a big gust of wind comes along and rips this one bundle right off the sale sign!
It floated right through traffic 2 blocks down 4th avenue.
Bumping into cars, and letting the wind have its way.
Then they turned the corner and gently floated over to my car, that was parked right outside the gallery, and got tangled in the was like a gift from god!
Or so i like to think...
I rushed downstairs, stuck em in my car, and took them home.
They're now hanging right over my bed.
Thanks god for the pink balloons
...but next time make it a winning lottery ticket :)

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Peace & Love

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