Friday, April 13, 2007

more random writing and questions to myself

Dear myself,
And anyone else reading...

You'll sometimes get what you want,
You might get what you pray for,
You may get what you wish,
And you'll usually get what you need...
But you better hope to hell you don't get what you deserve.

If I learn how to juggle,
Will that help me improve my multi tasking?
I took a circus class once
But didn't really catch onto the juggling.
I DID learn how to use stilts...
However I don't see how that can help improve my day to day life...
Except for making me feel shorter...
....fuck stilts

I love the spring.
Time for reading poems in the streets,
Shopping in bare feet,
And castles in the sand.

I dig it.

I got a message on here the other day,
From a girl who gave me a ride home from a party 4 years ago.
I didn't remember her at all.
Not one bit.
I couldn't remember the party,
I couldn't remember her name,
I couldn't remember her face,
I felt horrible.
And ungrateful.
Although I'm sure i was completely grateful at the time.
She even remembers exactly where I lived.
......maybe it was my brother she gave the ride to!!!
Yep that must be it!
I'm not going to feel bad anymore.

Are tie-dyed t-shirts hip?

I got some great advice from Victor Miles.
He told me to marry a woman with good eye sight,
So when you're old and blind she can still drive you home...
...and you can get as wasted as you want at any event.
Thanks Victor.

I think you should also marry a woman who doesn't plan on giving her kids any silly names.
That should be a first date question.
Middle names can be anything though.
Isn't it tradition to have an embarrassing middle name?
....or am I the only one to get fucked over?

The best thing about easter, is the week after easter.
When ALLL the mini eggs go on sale.
Time to stock up.

Heres a lesson for the kids.
When you're the only one who has mini eggs in December,
You're king of the jungle.
And people will do things for you.

I have much respect for the first people to step out on a dance floor.

I wish I were typing these blogs on a typewriter.
But I guess that wouldn't work.
It be very writery of me though...wouldn't it?
But I guess a real writer wouldn't use words like writery.
....maybe i should start writing these in a starbucks...
So then people can watch me write and say to themselves
"oooh look at the writer sitting there drinking his coffee looking all writery with his laptop, in this starbucks, like all the other wannabe writers do"

I think all movies should show bloopers at the end of them.

Thats all.

Yours truly,
Yourself and I

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