Saturday, December 22, 2007

If You Ain't Got Love

Life without love is worthless.
I don't envy those
Who don't live their life to love.
The love of light.
The love of friends and family.
I feel sorry for them.
But sometimes I have to remember to pity.
Because at times I find myself hating - for their lack of love.
But by hating,
I'm being just like them.

So sorry I am.

My best friend and I hung out tonight.
We examined our snow tracks from the month past.
We both like to make sure,
That we each stay on the sidewalk.

Sometimes we step on a few cracks,
But we learn from them,
And we help each other understand
And remember
what everything is truly all about.

We always know.
But we don't always remember.

We watched a candle burn
for an hour.

I don't know any friends who do that.

I'm blessed.




Anyways - keeping things in this Matrix. I want to give a shout out tonight to commend Channel M on their late night color testing image and sound.

Instead of showing the THIS after their programing:

(Yeah, gotta love passing out while watching TV then waking up that brain scratching noise)

Channel M is kind enough to top of the night with a very relaxing and calming background:

Things like this are VERY much appreciated.

I also wanted to show off my new stylish Mickey Mouse watch as I casually eat a grapefruit and watch the Canucks game.

And now I sleep.

I hope you sleep well,

And wake up like royalty -

Because you are.

Peace and Love


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