Tuesday, January 30, 2007

art art art

Its Tuesday…

Back to work…

Had a nice relaxing weekend though. Spent some time with my new dogs, yes NEW dogs. My family has once again grown even larger with the addition of two new minpins.

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We've got 2 month old Katie. She's an absolute doll, but chews on EVERYTHING! She's a big fan of chewing up my hemp bracelets that I just recently learned to make. The little bitch has made it very hard for me to get much done, but I love her. She's just so playful and so curious. A little ball of fun filled energy!

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And then there's Yoko. She's 6 months older than Katie, but they're both half sisters. This dog is WAY too smart for me, and I know she's going to be using that to her advantage. She's very difficult to keep up with, but I've never seen a dog that's more aware of her surroundings than this one. She can be so chill. She'll just sit on top of my couch, and stare out the window for hours, and she looks so deep in thought…I think we're gunna get along real well.

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We had an INCREDIBLE concert with Ben Sures last Sunday at the gallery. I wish more of you guys could've made it out, but lucky I'm going to be having him back March 31st! Be sure not to miss it! It was probably one of the best concerts I've had at the gallery so far.

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(Ben Sures live at Gallery O – Contemporary, being gazed upon by a very comfortable Jane Siberry)

There are also some really incredible exhibits lines up for this year, still working out some of the kinks, but I should have a full calendar up sometime next week. I'm really working my ass off, so I had better see more of you at some of these events!

Look how hard I'm working!

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I also noticed that I really need to paint the floor around my desk…

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…..the work never ends here….

I was visited by Victor Miles today. He has got to be one of my favorite human beings. A true gentleman, an amazing artist, and does he ever know his shit. After his 4 Minutes in a Garden exhibit last year I had a small walk n' talk at the gallery where he explained his thought process and paintings to the public. He blew everyone away. I wish I had recorded the whole thing, it was one of the most interesting, funny, smart, and in depth talks I have ever heard.

Here is a video I took today of Victor's large sculpture in the gallery….just brilliant

"4 Minutes in a Garden"

I also had a visit from Marco Tulio who brought in a new piece! I love when artists bring in new art works! It's like Christmas!

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It's a bit different from his typical works, but I love it. And the nice thing about it is that it doesn't take him 3-4 months to do a piece like this, so I MIGHT just be able to do a full exhibit for him in a year or so.

He is also looking for a few models for some new works. So if you're comfortable enough, lemme know if you're interested! I've been in a few of Marco's masterpieces, a very cool experience.

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Being around all of these amazingly talented people all the time is so inspiring. I guess this is where all my creative energy comes from. My life just feels so colorful.

Anyways I'll end this blog with a new piece by…me!

I don't usually show much of my artwork on here but I was pretty proud of this one.

I call it "Bird in Rona Parking Lot"

…deep eh?

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Time for a nap…

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Peace and blessings,


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Lets go on a journey...

I've been having thoughts about learning the guitar.

I've never been great at learning instruments.

And have never been very musical.

But i want to write a song,
That'll change the world,
And make people come together.

Could a song be so powerful?

To lift us all up at once.

To have us meet at the same place.

And have share in a moment of peace.

All together...

Just for once.

....i'd have to get a left handed guitar though
.....piss it

Will that make it even harder to learn?



........give me a year or six
....can you all wait for six years to not fuck up the world entirely?

....just...yeah...hold up...

It'll be worth the wait.

When the world first hears it,
we'll all dance around a fire...
naked ....
singing it...

It'll be so catchy!

It'll get stuck in your head everyday!
But you wont mind...

Cause it'll be a song that only reminds you of the good times.

It will bring ya back to that happy safe place you feel comfortable in.

It'll move you.

Make ya cry or laugh.
Which ever you prefer.
I like to change it up.
I like a good laugh,
And a good cry.
Keyword is good though.
No bad ones.
Those aren't worth my time.

The song will make you want to make a difference.

It'll make you wake up,
and be aware.

You'll soak in that very moment.

Soak it into your soul,
You'll feel it.

It'll make you skip down the street,
And look around at the people who surround you.

It'll make you jump.

It'll make you sleep.

It'll pump you up.

It'll make you feel re-born.

To sum it up:
It'll make you realize.

Everything is connected.

And you wont be worried,
or be afaid,
or ever again,
trust me.

and feel free

....can anyone teach me left handed guitar?
.....and do you have six years to spare?

My music video will look like this:

I know you cant wait!

one love

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

we NEED change

Go watch An Inconvenient Truth

You owe it to yourself and our planet to watch this film

We're all in this together


Tuesday, January 9, 2007

the five people you meet in heaven

I think I'm going to start off the new year with a book recomendation.

The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

What a beautiful book!

Its a short read, I finished it in a couple days, but was it ever sweet.

I didn't want it to end.

Why couldn't he meet 10 or 100 people in heaven??? :P (dont be greedy Jordan)

I cried about 3 times through out the book, and at the end i just bawled! Maybe I'm just feeling a bit emotional this week, who knows, but wow did I ever enjoy this one.

I love the message it sends out. How everything happens for a reason, and how even the smallest things you do, can have the greatest impact on someone else. And it teaches you to open your eyes to the people around you, and understand that people are the way they are for a reason, and many reasons. We all have stories and experiences.

Anyways if you need a good read to start off the year, I highly recomend this one!

I hope you all had a fantastic New Year, and fun holidays. Mine was lovely. Spent it with all the people I love, and even made some new friends. Got to love new friends :) I feel so blessed with all the different people I've been surrounding myself with, so a big thanks to everyone I came in contact with these past holidays, even if it was in the smalled way, you've all made an impression on me!

and hugs.
happy new year!