Sunday, January 14, 2007

Lets go on a journey...

I've been having thoughts about learning the guitar.

I've never been great at learning instruments.

And have never been very musical.

But i want to write a song,
That'll change the world,
And make people come together.

Could a song be so powerful?

To lift us all up at once.

To have us meet at the same place.

And have share in a moment of peace.

All together...

Just for once.

....i'd have to get a left handed guitar though
.....piss it

Will that make it even harder to learn?



........give me a year or six
....can you all wait for six years to not fuck up the world entirely?

....just...yeah...hold up...

It'll be worth the wait.

When the world first hears it,
we'll all dance around a fire...
naked ....
singing it...

It'll be so catchy!

It'll get stuck in your head everyday!
But you wont mind...

Cause it'll be a song that only reminds you of the good times.

It will bring ya back to that happy safe place you feel comfortable in.

It'll move you.

Make ya cry or laugh.
Which ever you prefer.
I like to change it up.
I like a good laugh,
And a good cry.
Keyword is good though.
No bad ones.
Those aren't worth my time.

The song will make you want to make a difference.

It'll make you wake up,
and be aware.

You'll soak in that very moment.

Soak it into your soul,
You'll feel it.

It'll make you skip down the street,
And look around at the people who surround you.

It'll make you jump.

It'll make you sleep.

It'll pump you up.

It'll make you feel re-born.

To sum it up:
It'll make you realize.

Everything is connected.

And you wont be worried,
or be afaid,
or ever again,
trust me.

and feel free

....can anyone teach me left handed guitar?
.....and do you have six years to spare?

My music video will look like this:

I know you cant wait!

one love

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