Monday, March 19, 2007

skinny dipping with the fireflies

I was tired and uninspired
I had ideas but they wouldn't come out
I needed to find that one
To base it all on
To paint
To mold
To tell a tail
To sing about
Someone who would dance with me
Naked in the streets
And laugh with me when they stick us in the paddy wagon
And lift my head when they call me insane

I got your postcard
The one with the chocolate house
Saying to meet you in a place I'd love
Where the air smells like childhood
A place that will only be known to us

The trees all hold fruit you said
And the bushes hand out splifs
It will take a plane, a train and a paddle boat to get there
And we never have to come back here again

Attached was a map
X marked the spot
A 2000 mile trip
"Meet me there in 2 days"
And as surprised as I was
I did not pause
My weeks agenda went into the fire

I hopped the plane
Caught the train
And paddle boated my way
Upcoming memories of you filled my head
Nestled through the weeping willows
I found you painting by the pond
A picture of what we'd look like tomorrow in bed

With a mistletoe in your hair
So I can kiss you more frequently
You showed me around this magical place

Your letter was true
Everything was there
From the fruit in the trees
To the smell in the air

The bees brought us honey from your sweet lullaby
And the fireflies
Oh yes there were fireflies
Caught in our old pickle jars
Lighting up our night sky
As we make love under the perfect climbing tree
And glowing as we swam naked in our pond

The temperature is always right
And we only wear silk and white
We drank tea
And I felt at home

Can we stay forever?
You asked
As I carved your name
Up top that tree we made love under that night

With candles lit in our empty wine bottles
I wrote you a song
And we took our time
Because we're the only ones there to count our steps
And no time with you is too long

We've got all that we need
A tire swing
And an engagement ring
We make our own music
And anything else we make ourselves

This is where I'll stay to watch every sunrise

We write letters everyday
Just an extra something to say
I love you
Cant wait to see you later

Each day is a new adventure
A new treasure map is drawn
We're there in that space
Our heaven like place
And I'll never be uninspired again

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LoudHyperGirl said...

Hi, A Life Worth Recording. (:
You have no idea who I am and I just type in Google some of my lyrics to check whether they'd be written before, but this blog entry of yours came up.
And I just wanted to say I think it's beautiful.
And I think the picture at the end is timeless.