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This was the first time in a looong time where I've had two sunny days on my weekend.

You have no idea how happy I was Sunday morning when I woke up and saw that beautiful warm glow through my bedroom window.

I don't even remember the last time I saw the sun...

It was refreshing to say the least.

I was actually jumping on my bed for joke.

But I also thought to myself...

Wouldn't it be great if it just kept on raining?Like non-stop for a whole year! Cause EVERYONE would just pack up and leave! Except for me...and people who actually like the rain...which I'm sure there aren't too many of...but I'm sure they're nice i don't mind sharing the city with them. But Vancouver would be left just to us! How great would that be!?


Heres some cool news! The No Escape essay I posted in my blog last week was published in The Tyee today....makes me feel like a real writer....feels nice. They even put it on the front page of their website!

....of course the bastards spelled my last night wrong

oh well. its been getting a lot of response anyways!

So I'm on the skytrain yesterday.
Haven't been on there in a while.
And I see this fat man with a top hat.
Baggy black pants, and a tan button up shirt.
Now this guy was very distinct looking.
And I see him get off the skytrain at Columbia Station.
Yes I'm weird and i watch people...piss off.
Anyhow, I stay on the skytrain, and I see the train leave him behind.
But when the train arrived at 29th Ave Station, he was there!
It blew my mind! How did he do it? Is there was faster way to get from Columbia all the way to 29th?
I don't think so.... this weird looking fat guy with a top hat must have had a twin wearing the same thing and just happened to be at 29th ave. It is the only way i can think to explain it....

But i had a really nice day just walking about downtown. I haven't done that in a while.

I went and sat on the steps of the VAG for the first time. That is one interesting spot. So many strange characters around. a great place for people watching. The activists handing out fliers, the snobby shoppers trying to ignore the fliers, the people pretending to be interesting in their flyers and then throwing them in the garbage can down the street...And this is where my Witty Comment of the Weekend came out. It was said to one the save the seal activists.

"So a seal walked into a club..."

...yes brilliant, i know. But she had a good chuckle.

There were also girls giving out free hugs! They had a sign and everything...sound familiar youtube video? Oh well, good for them for keeping the idea alive. I figured it was a good deal though, and took 5!

Why is it that the women who wear the most make up, and expensive clothes, look the most unhappy? Is it just me? just something i noticed.

Its so amazing to see all the different types of people walking the streets of downtown Van.

I saw a very professional looking woman, in a business suit and all, carrying a big old chair down a busy street. Then stopped at a bus stop, sat in the chair, took out a book, and read.

I dropped a lighter from my pocket while walking along Granville. Didn't notice until a drug dealer told me. That was nice of him to do. He then asked me if I wanted to buy some weed....I almost felt obligated to buy some after his kindness....but

And there was a homeless person with a sign that said "which sex is more generous?" and he had a box for change from each sex. I thought it was smart. I hope he makes millions.
....and I'll bet the women win.

My favorite bridge is the Granville street bridge. I know it isn't the prettiest, But does it ever have a view. I wish i hadn't lent my brother my digital camera so i could explain it. I'm never lending that thing out ever again. I've missed out on sooo many great photos.
But you know how the bridge has a bit of a hill on it? So it goes up and then dips down when you're heading southbound. So when you're looking at this on a nice sunny day, it looks like a never ending road to the clouds. And when i looked back at the amazing view of the city, there were big dark clouds over top. It felt like i was escaping from depths of hell and making my way on the highway to heaven. I guess you had to be there....if only i had my camera....fuck. The cheery on top was the sign saying "Limited Vision" in the middle of the bridge. love it :) You know that feeling you have the first few seconds after you wake up and everything still feels kinda like a dream? That exactly how i felt on that bridge. And then looking down at all the people enjoying life on Granville island. i felt like a giddy school boy. couldn't wait to get down there and enjoy the fun with everyone else. Definitely one of my favorite places.

I also hit up a little joint close to my gallery for some eats. $2.95 for 2 eggs, 5 sausages, hash browns, toast, and jam! Can't beat that! Plus I love the cute little Asian couple who own the small crappy place. Gotta support the little ones.
They gave me marmalade jam.
God I love marmalade jam.
I don't have it nearly enough.
I think its the most underrated jam there is.
Thats it, I'm bringing it back!

I put milk and sugar in my green tea for the first time.
Very different...
Kinda tasted like the green tea gelato i had a couple weeks ago.
Not bad a guess.

This sure is along blog...and I haven't even gotten into todays adventure.

Well I'll try and keep it extremely short.

I went to Stanley Park.
I love that park.
So sad to see all the fallen trees.
But i sat on the fallen trunks and wrote poetry.
And payed my respect to the century old wonders.
I roller bladed around the park a few times.
Why is it every time i go to Stanley Park, I end up making friends with a large group of beautiful Asian women while feeding ducks?
I'm telling ya fellas, if you like Asian girls...feed the ducks at Stanley Park.
I went and visited the Beluga whales.
What amazing creatures.
I wonder if most people understand just how amazing they are...

I had a moment at the park today.
One of those moments that stay in your head forever.
I was dashing on my blades through the tunnel at the beginning of the park.
I don't remember the last time i raced that that.
I just felt this amazing bust of energy.
Had that Unwritten son by Natasha Bedingfield playing on the pod.
Corny i know, but it was fitting.
Finally when i didn't have an ounce of energy left
I plopped myself on the closest bench I could find.
And it felt EXACTLY where i was supposed to be
Everything in the world seemed to be in sync and in rhythm with my mind and soul
I don't know how to explain it.
I sat under a blossoming cherry tree
In front of a pond.
Surrounded by weeping willows.
God i love weeping willows.
Sweet child of mine by the guns and roses was playing in my ears.
I know it doesn't sound like the most fitting tune....but for some was perfect.
There was a beautiful old tree that was laying in the water, totally knocked over from the strong winds in the winter.
It looked like something from a story book.
And there were swans.
Isn't that the most graceful bird?
I felt as if i was sitting before royalty.
The Asian girls really knew how to lour them over.
And at that very moment where i was realizing exactly where i was,
a burst of sunlight glazed itself over the pond.
I took in every speck of it.
I took in every life that was around.
It felt like everyone was just sharing this moment with me.
It felt like everyone knew.
There was this gentle old man. Walking by himself. He carried his coat under his arm, and had his other hand in his pocket. He walked so very slowly. Then stopped and looked out at the pond. He then took a comb out of his back pocket, and gave his hair a quick fix...and kept on walking.
I made up this entire story about him in my head.
Of him and his wife (who may have passed on now) coming to this spot together.
Hand in hand.
Sitting in the very same bench I was in.
And enjoying that very same moment together.
And now he comes everyday.

The bench i sat on was dedicated to Daphine (Daphy Jean) Bray
Under her named read:

"When most people looked for rainbows, you took pleasure in the rain"

If you ever come by this bench. I hope you enjoy it.

I hope someday I have a bench dedicated to me.

A bench full of beautiful memories.

What a daydream boy i am eh?

Anyways this blog has gone on long enough today. I wish i could share more, but I'm sure most of you have given up already.

If you read it all....thanks....really.

I love this world!



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