Sunday, December 28, 2008

teachings of you and me

We can only learn so much in a life,
and there is only so many people
for each of us to learn from,
and for each of us to teach to.

There is only so much time,
so many people,
and so many brain cells.

Some will be learned from him,
some will be learned from her,
it will all be different anyways.

Some things will be left out,
for which we will be blamed for.

Some of us will know too much about one thing,
for which we will be praised for.

And for each thing that is know too much of,
there is someone who knows too little,
For which they are laughed at.

And the person who knows nothing is in his
mothers belly.

And the person most of it,
is in his death bed.

Those who know it all
are already gone,
or beginning to begin.

And I am here
to let you know
just a little bit more.

Just dont blame me for it,
praise me for it,
or laugh at me fore it,

Otherwise you have learned nothing.

-Jordan Patrich

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