Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Small World

Sometimes the world just seems so small.
Too small.
But I guess its all my world when it comes down to it.
I only know what surrounds me.
Things pop in an out of life.
Today I feel the cosmic waves of my universe pressing close together.
It builds up inside me so much that I find it hard to breathe.
The same haunting words popping up over and over again.
The same sounds that remind me of dark days.
And I blame myself for listening and noticing,
When I could just as easily turn on the tune of a classic piano,
or listen to her voice telling me the world is my paradise.

I have had no lips but hers,
for exactly a year.
One whole year.
I met her at a time when I wanted to share my love with the world.
And now it goes to her.
And I share my experience of love with the world instead.
I think its just as powerful.

I feel like this:

I think of it
As having taken my heart
Not just a piece
Not a slice
Not a part
But the whole of all that I had.
Put it in the penny slot.
And won the jackpot
With love for eternity as my prize

There is no better prize than love.
Even if its for a brief moment.

But to have the love of a Venus makes me a King in this world.

"There are as many religions as there are people"
My favorite quote for the day.

Thanks Mason Jennings.
Your light is far too bright and close to mine sometimes.

Life is good.
And the possibilities are infinite.
Dream to the farthest distance.
Share that dream with the world.
And it will become.

Peace and love,



pooeater said...
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Kyla Rose said...

so I forgot my user name on here was pooeater for some reason so I deleted the last post but it looks like it showed up anyways. ANYWAYS what I said was, I miss your blogs.