Saturday, March 14, 2009

what the tv gods said to me

"i am going to give you this product
i want you to practice using it
it will be your job
for two months
to master this product
until your use with it is flawless
don't do anything else

then i'm going to film you with it
and you're going to make the people of this world
think its amazingly easy to use
flows with your day
and makes life better

...and then they'll buy it from us
pay the big bucks
we'll rob em blind

...thats unless they dont believe us

but if they're stupid enough
to be sitting around atching television
they'll believe anything

see you in two months
you'll get the money then

we are the same people
who choose which movies you watch
and which art galleries tell the tail of the times
and which books the library should keep around

if i were you
I'd fire your agent
while you're still young and full of life"