Sunday, June 22, 2008

Childhood Forts

I just came to the realization
that my childhood tree fort
was a very enlightening part
of my self discovery.

When you're young
and you have a fort
You fill it with everything
you think you'll ever need.

Real and pretend.

You know what you need to survive there
the rest of your life.

You cram it with all your hopes and dreams. Cookies and pictures of girls. Ninja turtles and nurf balls. Books and music. Flashlights and stuffed friends.

It was so simple then.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Power up

When the Wicked Witch of the West
ends up selling maxwell coffee to the world
anything is possible.

I'm starting to think that energy drinks
will be like cigarettes in 40 years.
People need them to get through their day.
We need to work so much now just to get by.
They get us hooked with their free samples in their little fancy can cars.
It's scary - the way its just passed out to the people.

We always learn that too much of something always ends up killing us one way or another.

But look at the ingredients.
We're sure to end up giving birth to blue babies one of these days.

I'll stick to v8 thank you very much.
You can trust anything made by a man named Peacock,
don't you think?

Don't get me wrong.
I like my jaggerbomb as much as the next Joe,
But I'm a man who thinks way down the line.
I know the nature of human civilization.
Addicted to energy.
And now energy in drink form.
We are now dependant on it.
Could you imagine what would happen, if these drinks we're taken away?
Drink batteries.
Power the people.

I think when life to the point of getting so tough,
to the point that we need 3 cups of coffee and a redbull to get through the day
its time to ask - where is all this energy going?
what is it ultimately powering?

I dunno. Just a thought I was having the other night.
Just need to get it down.

Maybe it can be an I told you so someday.
I LOVE I told you sos!
Unfortunately I have to wait 40 years for most of mine.